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Why DjangoCon US?

Attending DjangoCon US benefits your organization as well as your employees!

  • Tutorials provide hands-on training
  • Talks cover a wide variety of Django topics
  • Attendees can network with maintainers of popular libraries
  • The Django community is welcoming to newcomers and old hands alike
  • Being exposed to new technologies and ideas can reinvigorate an employee’s passion for development
  • Employees can share what they learned when they return to the office

DjangoCon provides a great opportunity for Django enthusiasts and experts to meet, network, and share experiences and best practices. The quantity of training sessions mixed with case studies and networking opportunities provides a huge ROI for employers who want to help employees improve their technical chops quickly and efficiently.

Rikki Endsley
Keynote Speaker for DjangoCon US 2015,
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The biggest obvious benefit to employees is being exposed to the conference material. The larger, but less obvious, benefit is the community interactions and connections your employees will make. Have a problem with a library? It's possible your employee knows one of the core maintainers or someone else who uses it and can reach out for some quick advice that simply isn't possible without the human connection.

Frank Wiles
DSF President and Founder of REVSYS
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