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Speaking at DjangoCon US

Need help with your talk? We’ve got mentors and helpful tips on our Speaker Resources page!

Why speak at DjangoCon US?

  • Presenters receive a free ticket to DjangoCon US! (Travel costs are not included.)
  • Professionally produced video of your talk published to our YouTube channel. (You may opt out of this.)
  • Professional photographer on hand to photograph your talk. (Also optional.)
  • Expose the Django community to new tools, practices, or ideas.
  • Expand your technical, professional, and personal networks.
  • Share your discoveries with a large audience.
  • Give back to the Django community!

Selection process

We’ll choose a selection of talks and tutorials that we feel add up to the most enjoyable and engaging program for our attendees. Volunteers from the Django community are invited to help us pick talks, and we rely heavily on them to help us select ones that are interesting and beneficial to our attendees. Community volunteers and conference organizers will all be reviewing anonymized submissions and collectively deciding which ones to accept. Submissions for DjangoCon US 2017 are closed as of April 11, 2017 07:00 CDT. We will notify those who have been accepted by May 15, 2017. We’ll publish the list of selected talks as soon as we can after the deadline.

Lightning Talks ⚡️

Not up for a full on talk/tutorial? Looking to give your first talk at a conference? Lightning talks are talks under 5 minutes with or without slides on almost any topic you want! Even if you’re nervous or shy, remember: it’s a MAXIMUM of 5 minutes. Sign-ups will happen at the conference and more details will be available there.