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Room and Ride Sharing

Do you want to share a room at the venue (Hotel RL by Red Lion Spokane at the Park) with other attendees, or have accommodation available? Do you want to drive to DjangoCon from Portland, Seattle, Boise, or other nearby cities?

We have a Google Spreadsheet just for you!

If you’re looking for a room, list yourself along with:

  • How many other people you want to share with
  • What nights you’ll be there
  • Whether you’ve already reserved a room
  • Any other requirements (e.g. man/woman, smoking/non, snoring/non, etc)

If you’re looking for or giving a ride, list yourself along with the dates you’re travelling and where you’re coming from

Note: If any of your roommates will be arriving separately, be sure to list their names on the reservation as having permission to check in and get a key to your shared room from the front desk by showing photo ID.

When reserving your room, be sure to specify the type and number of beds! Some rooms only have a single king size bed; not ideal for platonic room sharing.

Caution: Room and ride sharing arrangements are the responsibilities of the individual parties involved. DEFNA, DSF, and DjangoCon US Staff takes no responsibility, and cannot be involved in any disputes.

I Already Have a Room Reservation

If you have a room reservation and you’re looking for a roommate to share costs, list your info here:

Dates and Hotel Contact Information & Sharing Specifics
Example Date Example Person

I’m Looking For A Room

If you’re looking to share a room (but you haven’t made a reservation yet), list your info here:

Dates and hotel Contact Information & Sharing Specifics
August 13-18 Example Person

I Have a Bed or Sofa Available in Spokane

If you are prepared to offer accommodation to one or more conference-goers who would prefer not to stay in the hotel. Please list your name, what you are offering (bed, sofa, spare room, etc.) and your contact details.

Name Offering Contact Details
Example Person Place for sleeping bag Call 123-5555 before 10pm

I Would Like to Ride Share

If you’re looking to share a ride from nearby cities to Spokane, then please include whether you’re providing a ride or looking for one, where you’re leaving from and the dates you need to travel. Examples:

Name Driver or Passenger? Leaving From Dates Contact Info Notes
Example Driver Driver NE Portland leave 8/13 return 8/17 @example_driver no cost-sharing required
Example Rider Passenger Tacoma arrive by 8/12 [email protected] can take shift driving

Share a Room or Ride (spreadsheet information)