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There is no "I" in DjangoCon US. Thank you to all our volunteers who make DjangoCon US happen. We couldn't do it without your hard work!

Photo of Adrienne Lowe

Adrienne Lowe

Coordinator, Session Chairs and Runners
Photo of Alexis Fitzpatrick

Alexis Fitzpatrick

Photo of Anna Ossowski

Anna Ossowski

Diversity Chair
Photo of Brent Schneider

Brent Schneider

Photo of Craig Bruce

Craig Bruce

DEFNA Treasurer
Photo of Heather

Heather "Heats" Luna

Sponsors Chair and Awesomeness at Everything
Photo of Irene Nandutu

Irene Nandutu

Photo of Jeff Triplett

Jeff Triplett

Delegator and DEFNA President
Photo of Jessica

Jessica "Deatz" Deaton

Program Committee
Photo of Katherine

Katherine "Kati" Michel

Website Chair
Photo of Kenneth Love

Kenneth Love

Program Committee
Photo of Kojo Idrissa

Kojo Idrissa

:zap: Talk, Orientation and Sprints Chairs
Photo of Lacey Williams Henschel

Lacey Williams Henschel

Conference Chair
Photo of Monique Murphy

Monique Murphy

DjangoCon Helper
Photo of Nicholle James

Nicholle James

Sprints Co-Chair
Photo of Philip James

Philip James

Organizer, Visa Coordinator
Photo of Rebecca Kindschi

Rebecca Kindschi

Communication Chair
Photo of Sara Gore

Sara Gore

Financial Aid Chair
Photo of Stacey Haysler

Stacey Haysler

DEFNA Corporate Secretary
Photo of Timothy Allen

Timothy Allen

Program Committee