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Catching Tweets with Django + Django REST Framework

Sunday 9:00am, Ballroom B

About This Tutorial

Have you ever followed a hashtag and had a crazy idea of what you could do with those tweets but didn’t know how to do it? This workshop will show you how to set up everything you need to store this data using Django, REST, and the Twitter API.

What will you learn?

  • API: best practices and how to approach an API as a product.
  • Django+REST: setting up an app, storing and using data it.
  • Twitter: the structure of a tweet (seems pretty straight forward but a the 140 characters are just the tip of the iceberg). What’s a stream and how to listen to it.

At the end of this workshop you’ll be able to store tweets tracking a hashtag or a user. What you’ll do with this data is completely up to you but we’ll dedicate some time to discuss examples and ideas of what kind of fun projects you can create.

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Katia Lira

I’m a developer form Mexico City. Up until high school I wanted to be an architect. I liked the craft of drawing blueprints by hand, but then autoCAD and computers came along and my life plan changed completely. I didn’t know what to study around computers so I went to Industrial Engineering, when I found out that Chemistry was a BIG part of the curriculum I ran the other way. I switched to IT and it was mostly hardware but it was good enough. Then I horribly failed my first class of coding :( It was a difficult adjustment, from blueprints to code, but I went to summer school where a great teacher showed me that incredible feeling you get when your code works and you can bring ideas to life! I never looked back. I’m submitting this proposal so late because it took a lot of talking myself in and out of it. My journey hasn’t been from point A to B and I’m taking the first step towards the next dot as a speaker. We’ll see how it goes.