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Saved you a click (or three): Supercharging the Django admin with actions and views

Monday 3:10pm, Ballroom A

About This Talk

The goal of this talk is to “save you a click”: while this is a pejorative phrase in The Texas Tribune’s newsroom, we love saving our reporters and editors clicks in the Django admin when they’re filing a breaking story. We’ve combined several helpful Django features, libraries, patterns and customizations – ranging from the obvious to the advanced – to supercharge our admin, allowing for live previews, shortcuts, and dynamic updates. Taken together, these tools suggest a framework for developing new admin features quickly and maintainably.

This talk would be especially valuable to Django developers who know the basics of customizing the admin, but aren’t sure where to take it next, or want to add some bells and whistles. It also opens up to larger questions about customizing the admin that would benefit more advanced Django developers. I would definitely allow time for questions and discussion to hear from others who might have tricks up their sleeves.

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Liam Andrew

Liam Andrew is a software developer and media researcher. His work aims to bridge software engineering and content strategy, working with researchers and writers in journalism and the humanities to find novel ways to present, organize, preserve, and enrich digital stories. He has been fighting with the Django admin since 2012, most recently with The Texas Tribune.