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Programming Post-Progeny: A New Parent's Perspective

Tuesday 5:00pm, Ballrooms B and C

About This Talk

When my daughter appeared on the scene in October 2017, my life was turned upside down.

As I was returning to work, I found that previous strategies for managing my time weren’t up to snuff and I needed to create new ones if I was to be effective at my craft. No longer did I have 15 minutes to “get in the zone” - I needed to get things done in any time available. I learned to carve milestones out of minutes (sometimes) and will share what did (and didn’t) work for me.

I also share stories about my general journey of becoming a parent that may be helpful to anyone thinking about becoming a parent (or just wondering what it might be like!).

Or you could just come to the talk for the cute baby pictures - they make everyone smile!

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Jacinda Shelly

Jacinda Shelly is the CTO at Doctor On Demand and mother of an incredible little girl named Ada. She’s been programming in Python for almost a decade now and loves how special the Python and Django communities have always felt. In addition to programming, Jacinda loves science fiction, staying fit, traveling the world and sharing stories with others.