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Live Long and Refactor :vulcan_salute:

Tuesday 4:10pm, Ballroom A

About This Talk

Refactoring major components of a live application with many users can be daunting. The stakes are even higher when the users are paying for your product. This talk covers how to approach building and incrementally deploying a complex refactor. Using a case study, I will walk through what makes major refactors so challenging, what you should avoid, and what can make them easier in the future.

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Sana Javed

I’m a software developer with roots in the progressive movement and have worn a number of different hats such as labor union organizer and digital media strategist over the last several years. I’m currently at National Journal, where I get to work on both the front and back end of our applications. I get super excited about things like test-driven development, the 12-factor app methodology, and diversity in the tech field. Outside of work, I co-organize the Prince George’s Tech Meetup. I also serve on the board for the ACLU of Maryland and the University of Maryland Contemporary Art Purchasing Program Advisory Board.