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Opening and Keynote - Is it too late to learn how to program?

Monday 10:00am, Ballrooms B and C

About This Talk

Alicia will discuss the challenges she faced as an African American woman in becoming an iOS developer at the age of 51. As a self-taught developer, she created a mobile app dedicated to helping victims escape domestic violence and abuse. She has seen the best and worst of the tech community. As demonstrated by her app, she believes that the tech industry can improve and change lives if we open our arms, embrace change, and think about how women can change the way we see and create apps.

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Alicia V. Carr

Alicia is the founder and creator of Pevo, an iOS app in 6 languages that helps domestic violence survivors escape abuse and connects them with local resources. She is the director of the Atlanta chapter of Women Who Code, and was featured in the Apple Worldwide Developers keynotes in 2015 and 2016.