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Exhausted octopus learns a thing!!

Monday 12:20pm, Ballrooms B and C

About This Talk

Whether you work a draining job, work multiple jobs, have family responsibilities, or otherwise can’t put 100% into learning a thing, there are still things you can do to optimize the time you do have to learn. This talk is a compassionate look at a problem many people face- how to learn when you’re exhausted. How do you add knowledge in the face of reduced cognitive capacity? How do you balance the desire to learn with the need to take care of yourself? I’ll talk about what I’ve learned over the past year, as my job responsibilities increased, my partner moved to Sweden, my father was diagnosed with cancer, and I studied Django, Python, Linux, and embedded systems. In addition to specific recommendations, this talk focuses on starting, stopping (meditation), and sustaining learning in one’s life. This talk is not about burnout, rather, it’s about intentionally adding learning to the life you have- a life that’s not always perfect, not always optimal, but always yours.

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Laura R. Webb

Laura works in Information and Interpretive Technologies at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. No day is the same, and some more memorable moments include Sylvester Stallone and the Secret Service. She\u2019s actively involved in the Philadelphia chapter of Girl Develop It and TechGirlz. When she’s not at work or volunteering, Laura can be found installing Linux flavors, enjoying a latte, or running in Fairmount Park.