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Who's Tito?

Tito makes simple, powerful software designed to help with ticket sales and management for events. They mostly make it to keep the organizers responsible for that as happy and sane as possible.

They have three guiding lights as a company:

  1. Putting experience first for their employees, their customers, and their customers’ customers – ensuring that everyone who comes into Tito’s proximity enjoys their work and spare time as best they can,

  2. Building a product that helps their customers to be better at what they do,

  3. Providing responsive, personal customer support.

Most recently, Tito has been silver-sponsoring DjangoCon US (😊), hiring, and relaunching their blog.

As luck would have it, sponsorship is the first theme they’re going for on said new, shiny blog. They’ve tried to be comprehensive, so there should be a lot of material to look through.

Therein, for your entertainment and enlightenment, you could:

Just putting it out there.

In any case, you can find more about Tito via these links, or get in touch if you’re too curious to wait out the 1.5 seconds it’ll take the page to load.

Tito has been making event software to sell and manage tickets for the past 5 years because they want to make that process as easy as humanly possible. They’re small, self-funded and located in Dublin, Ireland. You can track their progress and read their experiences here.