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A Basic Lightning Talk Primer

A Lightning Talk (or, as we like to call it, “:zap: Talk”) is a short (5-minute maximum) talk on just about any relevant topic. They range from serious and informative to whimsical and musical (the image below is from an actual :zap: Talk) to quick demonstrations.

If you’ve ever thought about giving a talk at a conference, but you’re nervous or don’t think you “know enough” to give a full-length talk, consider a :zap: Talk. It’s an excellent way to get started as a conference presenter. Remember: there are many ways to contribute to the Django, Python and Open Source communities. One way is giving talks. This could be how you start!

If you proposed a talk for DjangoCon US 2017 and it wasn’t accepted, consider condensing some of the key points into a :zap: Talk.

:zap: Talks will be Monday-Wednesday at 12:50 pm in Ballrooms B & C. Sign-ups will happen at the conference. We look forward to seeing your talks.