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Thank You JetBrains!

Meet the JetBrains PyCharm team, our Gold sponsor this year!

JetBrains is sponsoring DjangoCon US again this year, and they’ll have a booth in the expo hall, where you’re very welcome to discuss matters with two team members: Paul Everitt and Dmitry Filippov.

JetBrains gives back to the community in many ways!

Last year JetBrains PyCharm partnered with Django Software Foundation to boost the Django fundraising campaign. This resulted in $50,000 USD raised for the Django Software Foundation to support the Django Fellowship program as well as other outreach and diversity initiatives. Additionally, JetBrains sponsored PEP 484 type hinting in Django through a separate DSF Fellowship grant.

We hope JetBrains and Django Software Foundation will continue the partnership this year, so let’s look forward to the announcement on their next move at DjangoCon US 2017!