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Announcing Our Talk Lineup!

The Django community and beyond submitted a record number of incredible talk proposals, and selecting these talks was extremely difficult. We were only able to accept 16% of the submissions we received, and appreciate the effort everyone put into their submissions; thank you! Another huge thank-you to our reviewers, without whom this list would still be weeks in the making.

We’ll also announce the tutorial schedule in just a few days, and the conference schedule will be available very soon. Congratulations to the speakers of the 41 talks below!

  • Saved You a Click (Or Three): Supercharging the Django Admin with Actions and Views (Liam Andrew)
  • Django vs Flask (David “DB” Baumgold)
  • End-to-End Django on Kubernetes (Josh Berkus)
  • Going Rogue: How Created a Curriculum Development Platform without their Engineers (Josh Caldwell)
  • Overcoming the Challenges of Mentoring (Kim Crayton)
  • Stumbling Through Django and How Not to (Melanie Crutchfield)
  • Maybe Not the Programmers They Deserved, but the Programmers They Needed (Jessica Deaton and Megan Will)
  • GraphQL in the Wild (Arianne Dee)
  • Accessibility Matters: Creating a Better Web (Lindsey Dragun)
  • Taking Django Distributed (Andrew Godwin)
  • The Monster on the Project (Tiberius Hefflin)
  • Python & Spreadsheets: 2017 Edition (Kojo Idrissa)
  • Type UWSGI; Press Enter; What Happens? (Philip James)
  • Serverless Django (Rich Jones)
  • Live long and refactor :vulcan_salute: (Sana Javed)
  • Preventing Headaches with Linters and Automated Checks (Flávio Junior)
  • Autopsy of a Slow Train Wreck: the Life and Death of a Django Startup (Russell Keith-Magee)
  • The Beauty of ViewSets in Django Rest Framework (Buddy Lindsey, Jr.)
  • Getting the most out of Django’s User Model (Julia M Looney)
  • Alexa… (Heather Luna aka Heats)
  • Write an API for Almost Anything (Or The Amazing Power and Flexibility of Django Rest Framework) (Charlotte Mays)
  • The Power :zap: and Responsibility :sweat: of Unicode Adoption :sparkles: (Katie McLaughlin)
  • Practical Unit Testing in Django (Wayne Merry)
  • Using Django, Docker, and Scikit-Learn to Bootstrap Your Machine Learning Project (Lorena Mesa)
  • Get a Jumpstart on Collaboration and Code Review in GitHub (Katherine “Kati” Michel)
  • Why Can’t Everyone Just Do What I Want Them To? Leadership, Management, and Working with People Who Don’t Think like You (Briana Morgan)
  • Flourishing FLOSS: Making Your Project Successful (Anna Ossowski)
  • Functional Programming in an Imperative World. Maybe (Derik Pell)
  • Understanding JavaScript Libraries via React and the React Ecosystem (Andrew Pinkham)
  • Becoming a Polyglot: Lessons from Natural Language Learning (Rebekah E. Post)
  • The Shy Person’s Guide to Tech Conferences (Ed Rivas)
  • The CoC Committee Is Here for You (Erik Sasha Romijn)
  • hunter2: A Symphony of Password Horror (Lilly Ryan)
  • Files in Django (Josh Schneier)
  • Programming Post-Progeny: A New Parent’s Perspective (Jacinda Shelly)
  • Don’t Use My Grid System (Or Any Others) (Miriam Suzanne)
  • Butter Smooth, Interactive Applications with Django and Websockets (Ganesh Swami)
  • The 10 Commandments of Community Organizing (Jennifer Wadella)
  • Exhausted Octopus Learns a Thing!! (Laura R. Webb)
  • The Denormalized Query Engine Design Pattern (Simon Willison)
  • Tasks: You Gotta Know How to Run ‘Em, You Gotta Know How to Safe ’Em (Filipe Ximenes)